The Best Albums Released During JFK’s Presidency


by John Ellis

PJ Media has asked me to rewrite an older series of mine in which I ranked the albums of each of the past eleven presidents. This time, instead of beginning with IKE, I started with JFK. Since President Trump hasn’t even been an office for a year, I’ll be ending with President Obama. That means only ten presidents this time. The series will conclude with an article ranking those ten presidents based on the music released during their time in office. Click the link below to see what I believe are the best albums released during JFK’s time in office. Enjoy. And let me know which albums you believe that I left off.


One thought on “The Best Albums Released During JFK’s Presidency

  1. Man, John, is there no end to the variety of your interests and writing? I love being surprised by the content. I was ages 2-5 during JFK’s presidency, so I don’t know all of these albums, although I certainly remember these artists, as many continued to be quite popular during my adolescence (in the late-60s and early-70s). Nice feature. I loved reading this piece.

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