Iceland’s Genocide of Babies With Down Syndrome


by John Ellis

If you want to know what evil looks like, look to Iceland. In a chilling story, CBS reports that through abortion Iceland has virtually erased children with Down syndrome from their society. According to CBS, “100% of pregnant women whose prenatal tests come back positive for Down syndrome have decided to end their pregnancies.” While fairly impartial, the CBS news story is heartbreaking and infuriating to watch. While watching, I kept waiting for Joseph Goebbels to stride into frame and make an argument for the extermination of babies with Down syndrome. Instead, cheery, non-threatening, seemingly-friendly Icelanders defended the practice.

While in Iceland, CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano visited a hospital and interviewed a counselor who discusses options with mothers who are expecting a baby with a high risk for Down syndrome. During the interview, the counselor, “showed Quijano a prayer card inscribed with the date and tiny footprints of a fetus that was terminated.”

Quijano’ response and the counselor’s defense are telling, so I’m quoting that section of the report in full:

Quijano noted, ‘In America, I think some people would be confused about people calling this ‘our child,’ saying a prayer or saying goodbye or having a priest come in — because to them abortion is murder.’

Olafsdottir responded, ‘We don’t look at abortion as a murder. We look at it as a thing that we ended. We ended a possible life that may have had a huge complication… preventing suffering for the child and for the family. And I think that is more right than seeing it as a murder — that’s so black and white. Life isn’t black and white. Life is grey.’”

Instead of “murder” it’s “a thing that we ended.” Except “ended” describes murder quite well. Furthermore, Olafsdottir’s “possible” and “may” ring loudly the rotten bell toll of eugenics. This is pure evil. Abortion is pure evil. And the use of abortion to exterminate those whom society finds undesirable is pure evil.

Sadly, though, many professing Christians (some that I know) remain silent in the face of this growing evil. They will shrug off this CBS news report, douse whatever tinges of morality spark up in their soul, and continue to chase the approval of the devil and his children.

Professing Christians who either ignore or who even excuse abortion, no matter how lightly and no matter how many caveats they sputter over their lips, will one day stand before the King of Kings and have to feebly justify their unwillingness to defend the least of these and the oppressed. The bad news is that by their actions, many professing Christians are demonstrating that they serve and worship the self-serving god of individual rights instead of Jesus. In those cases, the news gets worse. For those who serve and worship anything other than Jesus, including societal sacred cows, on that final Day, King Jesus will sentence them to an eternity of suffering in hell with the words, “depart from me because I never knew you.”

However, there’s good news. King Jesus is a merciful king who is willing and eager to forgive sinners. No sin, not even the sin of abortion, is beyond Jesus’ forgiveness. All of us are sinners, and all sin separates us from God. Knowing that his children can never obey God and live righteously, Jesus came to earth in the form of human flesh and lived a life of perfect obedient to God the Father. After obeying the Father in life, Jesus obeyed the Father in death and took upon himself the just punishment for the sins of those who would put their faith in him. Three days later, the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead, vindicating his claim as the Son of God.

If you repent of your sins and place your faith in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, on that final Day you will hear him say, “well done, thou good and faithful servant” as he ushers you into the presence of God and eternal life in the new earth. The sin of abortion does not take a person outside of the forgiveness found in Jesus. If you’ve had an abortion or support abortion (either silently or in word and deed), repent and place your faith in Jesus. He will heal you, wash away your sins, and provide you new and eternal life.

Some final thoughts before I wrap this article up – we Americans need to be careful about responding in pride to the CBS news report. I must confess that my first response as I read the headline and clicked “play” was to boycott Iceland (my wife and I are planning a trip, hopefully within the next year). However, not long into the report, CBS reveals that 67% of parents in the U.S. abort babies that are high risk for Down syndrome. As truly awful as Iceland’s 100% is, America’s 67% is just as awful. That’s because all abortion is evil, and any amount of it is a stench in the nostrils of our Holy Creator who has made all humans in His Image.

Finally, I’ve mainly written this to those who profess to be Christians and yet waffle on abortion. For the sake of space, I’ve not defended my claim that abortion is immoral. I encourage you to read this article from philosopher Don Marquis in which he makes a very cogent case for why abortion is murder. You can read that by clicking here. I also encourage professing Christians who waffle on abortion to click here, and read an article I wrote that articulates more why I believe with 100% of my being that they are in grave sin.

Abortion is evil. The use of an evil tool to exterminate humans that society finds undesirable is an evil that needs to be exposed and ended. Please do not allow the potential ridicule and ostracization of larger society prevent you from taking a stand for righteousness by defending babies who are unable to defend themselves.

Please come quickly, King Jesus.

Soli Deo Gloria

5 thoughts on “Iceland’s Genocide of Babies With Down Syndrome

  1. As someone actually living with severe birth defects, I find the practice of aborting disabled babies thoroughly reprehensible! Thank you for this painful, but necessary, reminder of abortion’s insidious nature.

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  2. I am a proud mother of a beautiful 19 yr old daughter who happens to have Down Syndrome. She has only BLESSED me personally and my family with unspeakable JOY. She has the unique capacity to love unconditionally, including embracing total strangers with a genuine hug of acceptance (like Jesus) even when others are making fun of her. She has taught me more than I could ever teach her. She makes me a much better human being. And based on how people in public stare at her and how rare it is to meet or see another Downs person in public, I believe the CBS estimate of abortions here in USA, for fear of Down Syndrome, is probably very close to Iceland’s genocide.


    • Thank you for sharing how your daughter models love and kindness.

      I didn’t do any research to verify CBS’s numbers, but 67% is a disturbing and scary number. I would have guessed much lower if I had been asked two days ago. However, even if it were only 1%, it would be too many. Romans 1:18-32 is on full display before our eyes.


  3. God is the author of life. Only God can take life away. Who am I, as a human being, filled with sin and fickle, to determine the length of any person’s life? Given Icelanders’ cultural deism, Tim Tebow would have been aborted. In details too complex to include in this short post, my daughter Hannah would have ben aborted 22 years ago, and her daughter Gracelynn, my granddaughter would have been aborted 4 years ago. I praise God that, even in these few 3 examples, God protected life. I can’t imagine my life without Hannah and Gracelynn. As a child, I used to walk down Marquette Street on the way to my school, Jefferson Elementary. On the way was a school populated entirely of Down’s Sydrome children, where my grandmother volunteered. I frequently stopped by that school to see my grandma, and, every single time, I became the hub of a swirling mass of love, with literally all of those children surrounding me with hugs as other physical expressions of unconditional love. SHAME. . .ON. . .ICELAND.


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