Catching Up

2.-Writing-furiouslyby John Ellis

It has been almost two weeks since I’ve published anything on this blog. However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been publishing articles at all; the two things are connected.

Two weeks ago, I was given a promotion, of sorts, at PJ Media. On top of my eight to twelve regular articles a month, I am now tasked with writing ten short-ish, news-type articles for the Faith section. It’s been quite an adjustment to my schedule.

Ideally, I’ll figure my schedule out and be able to write an article or two per week for this blog. I’ll also probably periodically publish a post listing my PJ articles so that my blog readers (you) can catch up with my writing at PJ, if desired. And I do that now. Below are the titles to my latest articles. If you’re interested in reading any of them, simply click on the title and you will be redirected.

Thank you for reading.

“Historic Baptist Church Votes to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage”

“The Best Albums of the LBJ Presidency”

“Chinese Authorities Order Ban on Children in Church Services”

“The Best Albums of the Nixon Presidency”

“Priest Responds to Nashville Statement by Promoting the Sexual Revolution”

“Jill Duggar and Her Husband Have Their Missionary Fundraising Campaign Shutdown”

“Bob Jones University Enters a New Era”

“D.C. Insider Sally Quinn Reveals She Put Hexes on People … And Two of Them Died!”

“Anglican Church of Nigerian Will Boycott Episcopal Meeting Over Liberal Views on Sexuality”

“Christians Are Now Being Asked to Accept Polyamory”

“American Religious Landscape ‘Undergoing a Dramatic Transformation’ Study Finds”

“They’re Coming Down: National Cathedral to Remove Historic Jackson-Lee Windows”

“Lost Ancient Commentary on the Gospels Discovered After 1500 Years”

“Princeton President Rebukes Senator Feinstein Over ‘Religious Test’ for Judicial Appointments”


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