Southern Baptist Convention Demonstrates the Love of Jesus


by John Ellis

Every December, by God’s grace, my church family goes caroling in the neighborhood in which the church’s building is located (which is also my neighborhood). A week or so before the event, we mail out postcards inviting the neighborhood to join us as we walk around singing Christmas carols from house to house. The evening concludes with hot chocolate and cookies in the fellowship hall. The neighborhood loves it.

Last year, back at the church building enjoying hot chocolate and cookies, I struck up a conversation with one of the families from the neighborhood who had joined us. The father asked me if we’re a Southern Baptist church. We are. I told him so, and quickly changed the subject. You see, as I confessed to my pastor later, I was embarrassed to admit that our church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. I was wrong to feel that way, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Progressive “Christians” love to throw Jesus’ command to “love your neighbor” in the faces of conservative Christians. They do so as a smug shaming tactic to prove that conservative Christianity doesn’t really follow the teachings of Jesus. In their argument, conservative Christians ignore love and grace and, in doing so, present a religion akin to the Pharisees and the moneychangers. Jesus would turn over our tables, the accusation states.

Except, progressive “Christians” couldn’t be more wrong.

For the sake of space, I’m going to set aside discussions about the overall aberrant theology of progressive “Christians.” If interested, you can read some of that discussion by clicking here. For now, and circling back to my unwarranted embarrassment exposed above, conservative Christians are constantly, without fail, demonstrating Jesus’ love through loving, charitable actions. Survey after survey demonstrates that conservative Christians are the most charitable people in the world.

Conservative Christianity is larger than the Southern Baptist Convention, to be sure. And many other conservative Christian organizations are doing wonderful acts of charity and helping relieve the burdens and oppression of the afflicted. I praise God for them. For now, though, I want to highlight the SBC.

Two days ago, I published an article on PJ Media highlighting the work done by the SBC Disaster Relief team. Prior to this past weekend, I had no idea that the SBC is the third largest disaster relief organization in the country (more stats are included in my article linked to below).

At my church’s bi-monthly business meeting, one of the Elders spoke briefly about the SBC disaster relief program and the great acts of charity that they’re doing. While he was talking, he gave me an idea for an article (I’ve thanked him for it). As of this moment, that article has over 10,000 shares on Facebook and is not slowing down.

I’m thankful for the SBC, and regret the shame I felt last Christmas. I’m also thankful for the opportunity to highlight how the SBC is demonstrating through word and deed the love of Jesus to those who are hurting. I write all this, for one thing, and frankly, to help promote my article, but to also give my fellow followers of King Jesus tangible evidence for when they are confronted by the tired harangue about how conservative Christianity is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Southern Baptist Convention’s disaster relief work, click the link below.


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