Catching Up: Disaster Relief, Assisted Suicide, The Bones of Saint Peter, and Other Topics

2.-Writing-furiouslyby John Ellis

This last week has been a busy writing week. I have written eleven articles that have been published, and three that will probably be published today or tomorrow (and I owe my editor one more article this week). My article about the Southern Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief Team has done very well. I don’t have a view-count, but the article has been shared on Facebook 70,000 times!

If you are interested in reading any the articles below, click on the title and you will be redirected. Thank you for reading.

“The Best Kept Secret in Disaster Relief: Southern Baptists”

“The Best Albums of the Ford Presidency”

“Appeals Court in New York Strikes Down Assisted Suicide Law”

“Why Didn’t Irma Obey When ‘Prophetess” Kat Kerr Commanded the Storm to Cease?”

“Fort Wayne Church Play’s AC/DC’s ‘Money Talks’ During Worship Service”

“New Document Proves that the Protestant Reformation Isn’t Over”

“Drama Programs Do Not Belong in Church”

“The Hidden Lives of Pastors’ Wives”

“Have the Bones of Saint Peter Been Found?”

“Poll: Novelty of the Stay-at-Home Dad Trend May Be Wearing Off”

“The Best Albums of the Carter Presidency”


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