Paige Patterson, the SBC, and the Abuse of Women


by John Ellis

Last week, one of the women in our church asked me and the senior pastor if we were aware of the controversy growing around Paige Patterson and his comments on abused women. I told her that I had contemplated writing an article about it, but decided against it because Patterson doesn’t speak for me nor does he speak for our church. However, after listening to her tell us about the women in our church who have expressed dismay over Patterson’s comments (and confessed actions), I decided that it was important to make a public statement, of sorts. Since I have a public platform on PJ Media, I did just that.

Below is a link to the article. Before clicking over, I encourage you to watch the YouTube video below. Even though I was aware of the video, I hadn’t watched it prior to writing my PJ article. I wish that I had watched it first, though. Patterson’s comments are dirty and wicked, and Christian men need to be willing to shout them down and demonstrate to our Sisters in Christ that we will not tolerate the objectification and denigration of women in our midst. Having watched the video, I am even more convinced that Paige Patterson had disqualified himself from the ministry and is a danger to women.

As I stated in my PJ Media article, Paige Patterson should repent, resign from SWBTS, and cease from all preaching, including at the Convention this June. If he is unwilling to do so, the Southern Baptist Convention should take the necessary steps to force him to do so.

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