Marijuana, WNBA, Leaving Facebook, Racism, and an Assortment of Articles


by John Ellis

I write between 25 to 50 articles a month for PJ Media. In the past, to help my blog readers keep up, I used to link to the articles. I don’t remember why, but for some reason I stopped doing that.

The thing is, over the last few months I’ve written some articles that I’m proud of and would like to share with my blog readers. Below are fifteen links to articles that I’ve written over the last six months or so that I believe are worthy of your time. Using the comment section, please let me know which articles you find most interesting and/or compelling. Thank you for reading.

Potheads Rile Up Over Senator’s Claim that Medical Marijuana is Just an Excuse to Get High

Best-Selling Author Dropped as Literary Judge for Criticizing Penguin Random House’s New Diversity Policy

Mom: Stop Criticizing Your Child’s Father (if you know what’s good for your kids)

A Black Man Wants You to Know Something Before You Call the Cops on Him

WNBA Player Complains that NBA Players Get More Attention

The 6 Most Underrated Restaurants

BBC Sketch Draw Parallels Between Jesus, Black Lives Matter Propaganda

I’m Glad GQ Is Telling People Not to Read the Bible

The 6 Most Overrated Restaurants

Pro Rugby Player May Lose Career After Speaking the Truth About Homosexuality

4 Reasons Why Christians Should Consider Leaving Facebook

My Daughter Joined the School Walkout, and This Conservative Dad Is Ok With That

A Man Named ‘Tiffany’ Is Dominating Women’s Pro Volleyball in Brazil

Ban Secularism and Fatherlessness, Not Guns

Post-Abortive Women Suffer Physically and Spiritually According to a New Study



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