The Coming Real-Life Jurassic Park and Other Stories of Note


by John Ellis

It’s time for another round of links to some of my favorite PJ Media articles. Below are links to eight articles that I’ve written over the last couple of weeks. Some of them have proven more controversial than I anticipated while writing them. However, some of them met my expectations for controversy, especially my article about evolution that has over 600 comments, many of them angry.

Scientists Expect to Genetically Engineer Chickens Into Dinosaurs Within 5 Years

Why I Don’t ‘Dress Up’ When I Go To Church

Shaun King Uses Woman’s Stupidity to Cause Even More Racial Division

American Millennials Are Leaving Religion Because They’re Sinners

15 Pop Culture Artifacts that We Can Thank Gen X For

Evolutionists: ‘Oops! We May Have Been Wrong All Along’

Three Adults in a Polyamorous Relationship Declared Legal Parents in Canada

Survey: Men Spend a Measly 15 Minutes per Day Reading


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