State Sanctioned Sexual Violence

by John Ellis

It’s been awhile since I’ve been this angry.

While on vacation, my family, including my two young children, were exposed to a throng of fully nude adults. When I called the authorities to report that adults were exposing their genitalia to my children, I was told that the group has a permit.

I’ve written before about the hypocrisy of the #MeToo movement, but I didn’t expect my family to become victims of that hypocrisy. Without delving into the morality of strip clubs or nude beaches, if an individual chooses to go to a private place that contains adult nudity that individual can’t claim victimhood. If, however, people are in a public place they should not have to worry about their children being exposed to adult genitalia. In fact, there are laws on the books that forbid adults from exposing themselves to children.

Shamefully, in St. Louis, at least, it appears that a permit overrides laws intended to protect children from sexual violence.

As I sit here, early in the morning, I am still emotionally reeling from being confronted with what I knew was true – our society that has been shaped by the sexual revolution does not care about the safety and well-being of my children. Their main priority is gratifying the lust of their flesh and being allowed to do whatever they want, even if that means enacting sexual violence on my kids. And if I reach out to the authorities for protection, my concerns for the safety of my children are dismissed while the sexual predators are protected.

You can read more about how the City of St. Louis sponsored the sexual assault on my children by clicking the link to my PJ Media article below:

P.S. Another thing that I’m angry about is the realization that I have acquaintances who will shrug this off or, worse, condemn me as a prude because I’m angry that my kids were forced to view adult genitalia. The fact that there are professing Christians who will side, if even only slightly, with the City of St. Louis and the St. Louis Naked Bike Ride is a shameful testament to how little thought and value many American churches place on Ephesians 5:3-5, among other passages in the Bible that condemn sexual immorality.


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