Weekend Reading: 9/14


by John Ellis

Time to restart this series that I blatantly stole from Tim Challies. To be fair, Challies didn’t invent the idea of aggregate sites and posts (maybe he did, I don’t know, I didn’t research it). Regardless, when I was posting these over a year ago, people seemed to like ’em. So, I’ll give it another shot.

Below are links to blog posts and articles from the past week that I’ve found interesting and/or edifying. The weekend is coming, maybe you’ll find some reading material among the links.

School has started, and Mark Ward has written a helpful post giving Biblical answers for when kids ask, “Why do I have to learn that?” Read the article by clicking here.

Police brutality/shooting and Black Lives Matter can be tricky subjects for people to navigate. David French has evolved somewhat on the issue. His latest article on the topic is excellent. Whether you agree or disagree with his arguments, you’ll find his article interesting and thought provoking. Read the article by clicking here.

While I wouldn’t recommend all of his comedy, I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated Norm MacDonald. He is fearless and perceptive and uniquely funny. This past week, he found himself in hot water for daring to criticize the mob justice mentality of the #MeToo movement. Over at Ricochet, Jon Gabriel offers a great take on the whole brouhaha. Read the article by clicking here.

Christians are great at paying lip-service to trusting in God’s providence. When the rubber meets the road, what happens? Well, one brother, Cary Grant (his real name) is being called to walk through a hard providence. By God’s grace, he is exhibiting much faith and dependence on Jesus as he does. Read the article by clicking here.

I love reading Michael Kruger. His stuff is not only informative, it’s also incredibly interesting and well written. His latest is part of a series about how the ancients viewed Christians. This entry explains how Roman society viewed Christians as dangerous to society. I dare you to read it and not draw parallels with our society’s current trajectory. Read the article by clicking here.

The left is determined to torpedo Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS nomination. Slate, of all publications, actually comes to his defense. In this article, Slate points out how the left’s bias is showing in their attacks on the fact-checkers who conclude that people were lying about Kavanaugh. Read the article by clicking here.

Planned Parenthood has a new president. She’s as awful as you would expect. National Review provides some details. Read the article by clicking here.



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