Weekend Reading: 9/22


by John Ellis

The weekend has already descended, but that doesn’t mean that at some point over the next day and a half you won’t be longing for something interesting to read. And that’s the purpose of this post. Over the last week, I’ve compiled some of the most interesting and/or edifying posts and articles that I’ve read. Not all of them were published this past week, but I was first introduced to them this past week. Hopefully, you’ll be introduced to an article or two that you find interesting.

Thomas Kidd is one of my favorite historians. In this brief article, which is an excerpt from his upcoming book on the history of American religion, Kidd writes about the blending of the secular life with the religious life in American politics. Read the article by clicking here.

This next article was published this past summer. In it, Relevant Magazine speaks with Lisa Gunger, half of the Christian rock duo Gunger. With the other half, her husband, they planted a church in Colorado only to be fired after her husband admitted that he didn’t believe in God. In this article, Lisa details some of her own faith journey. While sad, her story is interesting and instructive, I believe. Read the article by clicking here.

This past Sunday, NFL players, pundits, and fans were shocked when Bills cornerback Vontae Davis abruptly retired at halftime. Called a coward, a quitter, and a disgrace, the backlash has been fierce. Davis spoke with The Undefeated about his decision and the peace he has about it. Read the article by clicking here.

As someone who is passionate about encouraging and helping people to read the Bible more and better, I appreciate this article published by Desiring God. In it, Andy Naselli provide three tips to help improve our Bible reading. Read the article by clicking here.

To be clear, I’m mostly unfamiliar the poet Christian Wiman. But I love poetry, and I’m afraid that many Christians do not read enough poetry. Hopefully, this interesting piece in Christianity Today will spark interest in poetry and Wiman. It succeeded in sparking my interest in Wiman’s poetry; I ordered his book after reading the article. Read the article by clicking here.

Justin Taylor does some fact-checking of a historical fact-checker. In doing so, Taylor provides a little window into the history of John Newton as well as giving a little lesson in how historians think. Read the article by clicking here.



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