Weekend Reading: 9/29


by John Ellis

Below are links to some articles and blog posts that I found interesting and/or edifying over this past week. Hopefully, you’ll find one or two that you find interesting and/or edifying, too.

My friend Dennis Bills has written a helpful and needed post about the wills of God. Yes, that’s plural. I really appreciated his take on the “mysterious third will.” It gets to one of the most entrenched and harmful errors within evangelicalism. Read the article by clicking here.

It can be hard to know what and whom to believe about marijuana. And I say that as someone who speaks and writes about marijuana. The reality is, unless couched with warnings, much of the positive statements about marijuana are being pushed by pro-marijuana activists with an agenda. If you lean in that direction or are simply curious to know how to navigate all the conflicting information, stories like the one I’m sharing out of Pittsburgh are needed. Read the article by clicking here.

I love history, but I hate how Marxism has infected the way history is viewed and taught in this country. Slate, of all places, has published an excellent corrective to the worship of Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. Read the article by clicking here.

This is a long (and, to be honest, at times convoluted) yet mostly fascinating story about the rise and fall of Kent Sorenson. Who is Kent Sorenson? Well, he rose from a troubled youth filled with drugs to prominence within Iowa’s conservative political machine only to fall and serve time in prison. Read the article by clicking here.

I still love music, although I rarely write about it these days. And I’m still a fan of The White Stripes. NPR’s piece on Meg White, The White Stripes’ drummer, titled “Meg White Is the 21st Century’s Loudest Introvert,” is incredibly interesting. Read the article by clicking here.


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