Weekend Reading: 10/6


by John Ellis

This past week has been dominated by news and stories about Brett Kavanaugh. If you’re like me, you’re tired of reading about it. In fact, I strongly considered muting on Twitter any words associated with the Kavanaugh hearings, allegations, and investigations. I didn’t, of course; as a writer, I kind of can’t. Thankfully, there were interesting articles published this week that had little to nothing to do with Kavanaugh. Below are some of the articles I found the most interesting and/or edifying from this past week.

Unless Jesus comes back first, all humans are going to be called to suffer. Our own pain and death, or watching the pain and death of loved ones. Because of sin, suffering has invaded the human condition and is seemingly victorious. Thankfully, Christians know that suffering’s victory is only temporary for those who place their faith in Jesus. This past week, Paul David Tripp wrote an article about what God is teaching him through physical suffering. You can read that article by clicking here.

Slippery slope? What slippery slope? Hopefully my sarcasm is embedded enough in the two previous questions to tip my hand, because this next story is about the continued persecution of Christians in American who remain faithful to Jesus. During the lead-up and immediate aftermath of the Obergefell decision, Christians were told that SCOTUS’ decision would not impact our faith nor our lives. We were told that marriage is a private affair and we were bigots for not minding our own business. Well, some Christians sounded the warning bell that the decision would impact our lives and would usher in persecution. First bakers and now calligraphers. Lifesite tells the story of two Christian calligraphers in Arizona who are facing fines and even jail time for refusing to help promote a same-sex “marriage.” You can read the article by clicking here.

Sadly, the growing persecution of Christians in the West isn’t limited to America. The Wee Flea writes about how Scotland is now targeting Christians for “hate speech.” You can read that article by clicking here.

The Los Angeles Review of Books published a fascinating interview with Alan Jacobs, an English professor at Baylor and a respected Christian intellectual. For the record, there is much that I disagree with Jacobs about, but this interview titled “Christianity and Resistance” is a fascinating read. You can read the interview by clicking here.

This next article was actually published last week, but who’s counting? Carl Trueman has taken a new job teaching at Grove College. In this article for First Things, he first provides his opening lecture about intellectual freedom that he delivers to his students. He then explains how intellectual freedom is under attack in academia (and wider society). He points out how leftists are bent on creating new gulags. You can read Trueman’s article by clicking here.

One final article. If you’re curious to see an example of the left’s continued slide into absurd moral decay, this one is for you. Wired wrote an article complaining about robot gender stereotypes. You can read it by clicking here.


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