Weekend Reading: 10/13


by John Ellis

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week for me. Make that a long two weeks. Too many trips to the E.R. Too many days with disrupted schedules. Too many professional frustrations. And not enough time to read. Today, Saturday, I’m looking forward to a day filled with mostly reading (and writing).¬† If that’s you, whether you’ve had a long week or not, below are some links to help fill out your reading schedule for this weekend.

Let’s start with something positive and uplifting. I’m a big fan of Shai Linne and am excited to read his new children’s book and listen to his new children’s album. Few artists are better at producing art that helps us catechize ourselves and those we love than Shai Linne is. I’m assuming that his new album is no different. Read an interview with Shai Linne about his new projects by clicking here.

For what it’s worth, I believe that NBC’s The Office is the greatest sitcom in television history. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve watched the complete series three times. I’m also not ashamed to admit that I still tear up a little when Jim sticks his head in the door and interrupts Pam’s interview to unexpectedly ask her on their first date. All that to say that I found it interesting that Steve Carell (Michael Scott on the show) recognizes that in today’s climate ruled by intersectionality, The Office could not be made. Read about it by clicking here.

Within conservative evangelicalism you’ll be hard pressed to find many people who feel ambivalently about Tim Keller. On one side are those who practically worship the man and view his words on par with those of the Apostle Paul. On the other hand, you’ll find those who believe that Keller is a rank heretic and a secret Marxist agent who has infiltrated the Church with the objective of dragging us all to hell. Me? I’m in the middle. I’ve found some of his ministry helpful and some of it unhelpful. Carl Trueman, who is no fan of Keller, explains why people should stop accusing the NYC-based pastor and writer of being a Marxist. You can read Trueman’s article by clicking here.

I’ve found David French to be one of the sanest and most thoughtful writers operating today. He eschews hot takes and isn’t afraid to challenge and even contradict his “tribe.” Not surprisingly, his article on the Kavanaugh allegations is well-thought out and well argued. You can read why David French didn’t find the allegations credible by clicking here.

While I’m fascinated by him, I tend to be skeptical of Christian philosopher James K. Smith, at least on certain points. Writing for TGC Australia, Peter Orr interacts with Smith’s writings on liturgy and the Bible (on a side-note, TGC Australia is the best “version” of TGC, I think). You can read that article by clicking here.

A Canadian pastor and Facebook friend of mine has written a series of blog posts on the King James Version and the KJV-only debate. I have found the series thoughtful, helpful, and charitable. I am sharing the first post in the series, but encourage you to read the entire series which can be found at his blog. Read the first post by clicking here.


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