Catching Up With My PJ Media Articles


by John Ellis

It’s been over a month since I’ve shared my favorite PJ Media articles that I’ve written with the readers of this blog. The interim has been rather uneventful. Some of my articles have done well, but none have done great. That being said, I did write several articles for PJ Media over the last month or so that I’m proud of and/or think hold interest for the readers of A Day In His Court. Click on the titles below to be redirected to the article.

The Greatest American Rock Bands of All Time

A New Level of Wickedness: Abortion Doulas

The Left Hope to Rebuild the Eugenics Movement Using Genetic Testing

The Museum of the Bible Is Becoming Even Less Evangelical

Brett Kavanaugh and a #NeverTrump Writer’s Reckoning

NBC Fawns Over Iceland’s Preschools that Force Kids to Compensate for Their Gender

Brett Kavanaugh, the St. Louis Naked Bike Ride, and the Left’s Selective Outrage

Don’t Allow the Left’s Political Stunts to Lesson the Seriousness of Sexual Assault

Jim Gaffigan Rails Against Craft Beer and Beer Snobs

Lawnmower Parents: A New Low in Parenting Philosophies

Does Your Church Really Need a Website?


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