Weekend Reading: 10/20


by John Ellis

Below are links to articles that I found interesting and/or edifying over the last week.

I’ve had a run-in with Andy Stanley. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article about how one of his satellite churches performed Prince’s “Purple Rain” during a worship service. My article was not well received by Stanley nor by his followers. Make no mistake, Andy Stanley is subtly dangerous. World Magazine provides a critique of Andy Stanley that should be heeded by Christians. You can read that critique by clicking here.

I’m a big fan of David French. I’m also a big fan of the NBA. I was not expecting my two loves to intersect. But they did. David French provides one the most insightful and entertaining previews of the NBA season out there. You can read that preview by clicking here.

A male pretending to be a female won a women’s cycling competition. When the third-place finisher, an actual woman, complained, she was labeled a transphobe. You can read about it by clicking here.

Ligonier Ministries and Lifeway Research released their survey of the state of religion. It’s quite dismal, if you ask me. Read about the results of that survey by clicking here.

To be honest, this next article puzzles me. I mean, I believe that pastors should be theologians. But what do I know? Apparently, there is a divide between pastors and theologians that I was unaware of. This CT article details the loneliness of pastors who are also theologians. Read the article by clicking here.

A little bit of self-promotion here, but I wrote an article ranking the greatest American rock bands of all time. At the moment, there are almost 300 comments. Not bad. I’m curious if you think I missed out on a great American rock band. Read the list by clicking here.


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