The Final Post (Maybe) on A Day In His Court

parting is such sweet sorrow

by John Ellis

The time has finally arrived for me to really say goodbye (maybe) to A Day In His Court. It’s been a good run. It’s been a fun run that has also taught me a lot about writing. But I won’t rehash what I’ve already written in A Goodbye to A Day In His Court. Instead, with this final (maybe) post, I want to point you in the direction of where I’m now at.

Over the last couple of months, with the advice and help of friends, past theatre colleagues, and, most importantly, my incredibly supportive and beautiful wife, I’ve been working to restart my dormant theatre career. This revelation, of course, while probably not be a complete revelation to most and will most likely raise more questions than I will answer here in this final (maybe) post on A Day In His Court.

Thankfully, I have a new website that will answer many of those questions. You can find that website by clicking on the link provided at the bottom. But, before you do that, I have things I want to tell you about the new site.

For starters, Experimental Theatre and Theology isn’t finished. By that, I mean that the design and layout aren’t finished. I’m going to mess up some, if not all, of the technical lingo, but my tech friend who helped me set the site up encouraged me to start with the basic website. However, he set that basic website up on a platform and server that will allow me to easily transition to a better site. My friend believed that it would be easier for me to start small and simple at the beginning. Also, along those lines, regardless of how long I use this current website, I’m planning on redesigning much of it. Be gentle with your critiques; it’s a work in progress.

Secondly, poke around the site. If you’re mainly interested in what I’m up to, read the homepage, the “John Ellis” page next, and then the Boxing God page. If, however, you are a theatre artist or are simply curious to learn more about my theatre theory, read the three articles under the Christian Experimental Theatre Manifesto tab. I’ve rewritten part one and have written and published parts two and three.

Thirdly, I will soon be adding a tab for my memoir A Godless Fundamentalist. At the moment, a publishing house is considering it. However, I’ve been advised by people who know more about these things to me that since I’m pursuing theatre and not writing, I should self-publish the memoir. That advice is in part because ….

Fourthly, at some point in January, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign. I’ve been told that this campaign will be private. In other words, I’ve been told that I cannot share it on Facebook or Twitter. But, I think, if I can sneak it past my “bosses,” I’m going to add a link to the campaign on my new site in case someone who wasn’t invited to contribute wants to contribute. However, that’s not really my point with this fourth point. One of the reward levels for the crowdfunding campaign will be a copy of my rewritten memoir (I owe a debt of gratitude to Crossway for the rewrites, even if they did eventually turn the manuscript down). I’ve also been told that I need to have copies to sell at performances. Hence, the self-publishing, which, for the record, is not generally a good way to go for aspiring authors. Thankfully, I’m not an aspiring author. Because, ….

Fifthly (and finally), I am an experimental theatre artist. At the risk of being rude, most people will have little idea what that means or what it entails. Please keep that in mind as you read my new site. Some stuff will be profitable and interesting (hopefully) for all. But there will be articles that assume a level of understanding of terms and theatre theory that most people do not have. That being said, if you read something that you don’t understand and are curious to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and ask if you’re curious. In fact, if you’re really curious, I am available for private theatre/acting lessons.

So, without further ado, click here to access Experimental Theatre and Theology.

P.S. Please consider “liking” the Facebook page (there’s a button on the site) and following the site, too.

Oh, I almost forgot. I kept adding the qualifier “maybe” whenever I said that this is the final post on A Day In His Court because I’ve decided to keep this blog up. Undoubtedly, there will be times when I will have the desire to write about something that isn’t a good fit for either PJ Media or Experimental Theatre and Theology. Chances are, this will not be the final post on A Day In His Court. However, this post does signal that my attentions are now turned elsewhere. Thank you for reading A Day In His Court.


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