Can We Trust the New Testament Canon?


by John Ellis

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to write a brief post defending the trustworthiness of the New Testament Canon. Attacking the veracity of Scriptures is one of the more common attacks by men like Bart Ehrman. Standing on the shoulders of Walter Bauer, Ehrman has turned attacking the Bible into an art form. Unlike Bauer, Ehrman has unlocked the secret of landing books on the coveted NYT’s Bestseller List. This means that many of our family members, neighbors, and co-workers have been poisoned by Ehrman’s false teaching. Robust apologetics for the trustworthiness of the Bible are needed.

Having recently come across the blog of Orlando-area pastor Jim Davis, I was pleased to read one of his more recent posts titled, “Christmas and the New Testament Canon: Answering Some Hard Questions.” The post is a succinct and well-written rebuttal of some of the more common arguments from the likes of Ehrman. I encourage you to click the link below. Reading Davis’ post will not only be edifying and faith-building in your own heart, it will provide you some extra tools to use when sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are skeptical of the Bible’s trustworthiness.

Christmas And The New Testament Canon: How We Can Address Some Hard Questions


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