Read the Bible the Same Way You Read ‘The Lord of the Rings’


by John Ellis

I’ve written in too many articles to remember that all stories either reflect God’s true Story or rebel against it. It’s also my belief that too many Christians are too unaware of the forest of God’s Story to be able to adequately interact with the trees much less the bark. By that, I mean that many Bible studies are filled with well-intended Believers drilling into the smaller parts before immersing themselves into the whole.

I’ve also written in several articles that it’s my firm belief that books need to be read several times before deeper interpretative work should take place. The example I use is that of actors who begin finding and highlighting their lines immediately after being cast. Instead of focusing on their role at that point, actors should be learning the big picture of the play. Otherwise, how do they know the image of the character they’re developing in their mind fits the larger picture? All of this applies to studying the Bible, too.

For the record, I was gratified to hear Rosaria Butterfield state basically the same thing during a recent podcast with Nancy Guthrie. Likewise, a good friend of mine, Jed Kampen, has commissioned his new blog with an article titled, “Reason #1418 to Read the Bible: The Lord of the Rings Is a True Story.” In the post, Jed encourages us to read the Bible the same way we read The Lord of the Rings.

I add my assent to Jed’s post and highly encourage you to click over and read it (it’s linked to above). As a bonus, there’s a reason why he chose the number “1418” for the title. Do you know why that it is?

Soli Deo Gloria


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