An Opportunity to Join in the Fight Against Abortion

assist preg centerby John Ellis

In 2015, the most recent year for which the CDC has made the data available, at least 638,169 legal abortions took place in this country. I write “at least,” because only 49 of the 51 reporting areas (50 states plus D.C.) provided information to the CDC. To be sure, it would be tragic no matter the number of babies still living in their mother’s womb who were killed. Over 600,000 a year, though, is a genocidal travesty that should cause all of us to gasp in horror.

Those who are horrified by abortion are probably also used to the retort, “If you really cared about life, you’d help babies that are already born and their mothers living in poverty.” The irony of that, of course, is that one of the successes of the pro-life movement has been the rise and flourishing of pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. Despite what many peddlers of abortion claim, abortion foes are frequently characterized by love and care for women with unplanned pregnancies and their babies.

From providing free medical care to stocking the homes of the expectant mothers with diapers, food, and other necessities to offering free counseling services and parenting classes, pro-life crisis pregnancy centers not only defend the rights of pre-born humans but also engage in the heavy lifting of serving the mothers and their babies. Sadly, these centers face a near constant barrage of attacks spearheaded by organizations like NARAL.

Over the last few years, my family has been privileged to get to know the ministry of Assist Pregnancy Center and be a small part of their labors on behalf of pre-born humans and their mothers. Assist’s Executive Director Leanna Baumer is a member of our church. Leanna is a godly young woman who works tirelessly on behalf of women with unplanned pregnancies and their babies.

Under Leanna’s leadership, Assist is a shining beacon within the darkness of our culture of abortion calling fellow Believers to join in the fight against Satan for the, “[promotion of] life through Christ to those vulnerable to abortion,” to use the words of the center’s mission statement. Expounding on their mission, Assist expresses the desire in their vision statement to see “every individual in our community choosing physical life for their unborn children, eternal life through faith in Christ, and abundant life be walking in obedience to Him.”

One of the joys of partnering with Assist is hearing the many stories of women who have chosen life – both physical life for their child and eternal life found by grace through faith in Christ. One of the highlights at Assist’s big annual fundraising banquet for me and my wife is the video introducing the room filled with supporters of the center to women who have been served by Assist. There’s rarely a dry eye in the large banquet room as a few of the women featured in the video make their way to the stage carrying their precious baby.

For those who love Jesus and desire to see pre-born babies protected and their often confused and hurting mothers ministered to, the opportunity to help financially support Assist is a blessing. And I’d like to hold out the opportunity to join in partnering with Assist to my readers.

This Saturday (May 11), Assist is holding their annual Walk Run Ride for Life. I urge you to pray about donating a little money – $5, $10, $20, whatever amount you’re able – to one of the participants in the event. Not only will you help Assist continue to serve mothers with unplanned pregnancies, but you will also bless the participant whom you help reach his or her fundraising goal. Clicking the link below will direct you to the Walk Run Ride for Life’s home page. Scrolling down that page will bring you to the list of participants. If you want to donate, I encourage you to find a participant who has yet to meet his or her goal.

Soli Deo Gloria


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