Christ’s Active Obedience Is Essential for Our Salvation


by John Ellis

The Biblical literacy of congregations is a frequent topic of conversation among pastors. How often do members read their Bibles? How well can they articulate important doctrines? Can they discern error from truth? Sadly, many of the pastors with whom I’ve spoken express varying degrees of cynicism about their congregations’ level of understanding of God’s Word. In my experience, many Believers are lacking in their understanding of the necessity of Christ’s life for our salvation.

Below is a link to my latest article for Servants of Grace. In it, I attempt to explain why Christ’s active obedience was required before God could save His people back to Himself. Please click on the link, read the article, and while there, poke around and read many of the other worthwhile and edifying articles published by Servants of Grace.

Don’t Forget the Life of Christ When Sharing the Gospel


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