SJWs Turn Their Sights on ‘The Bachelorette’

lee garrettby John Ellis

I have never watched an entire episode of The Bachelorette (nor The Bachelor). That doesn’t mean that I’m unfamiliar with the ABC TV show, though. The hit “reality” TV show traffics in the objectification and exploitation of women (and men), and it makes a mockery of marriage. As a Christian, I find the show morally offensive. As a plain-old human being, I find the show lacking in any aesthetic and/or cultural value. So, it’s with at least of hint of sardonic eye-rolling that I interact with the brewing controversy surrounding The Bachelorette.

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Businesses Should Be Allowed to Ban Men


by John Ellis

If you happen to be in Austin, TX this Friday, the Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a special screening of the new movie Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot. However, if you are in Austin, TX but are a man, don’t bother attending; the screening is for women only.

I’m fine with the movie theatre hosting a women-only screening of Wonder Woman. You see, I’m a conservative, and I believe that the free market is the best way for society to create wealth in order to fulfill the Bible’s commands to feed the poor, clothe the naked, and care for the oppressed. Because I support the free market, I happen to believe that business owners have the right to serve or not serve whomever they wish. This is why I support the Alamo Drafthouse’s right to host a women-only screening of Wonder Woman.

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This Week in SJW Idiocy: Taco Trucks and White Food Supremacy

If a white person makes and sells this, they’re a racist.

by John Ellis

I haven’t decided if this is going to become a weekly series or not. Maybe. After I consult with a few people as well as take note of the response to this article (or lack thereof), I’ll make a final decision. For now, I’m testing it out while leaning towards making “This Week in SJW Idiocy” a weekly series. I’m leaning towards it because I’m not sure how many people are fully aware of the amount of SJW idiocy that exists.

The acronym SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior. And a SJW is an individual who lives in a perpetual state of being offended and, worse, who expects everyone else to act in subservience to their ever-changing, triggered feelings. Since most SJW’s are rich, young Americans, they face very little actual oppression in their own lives (unless you count finding out that the you’re going to have to take an 8 am class this semester, after all). This is why they are frequently offended for others to the point of being unable to attend class, go to work, or realize that blocking traffic isn’t a good way to win people over, but that’s the “idiocy” part of all this, which I’m going to explain in upcoming paragraphs. In their still developing brains, mommy and daddy footing the bill is not a true safe space. Considering that SJW’s have the time and resources required to live life as part of the professionally offended class, history laughs at them.

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