My 2017 Reading List: January

snoopy-readingby John Ellis

As 2016 came to a close, I began noticing a multitude of blog posts and articles listing the author’s 2016 reading list. I like the concept, but, not to brag, well, too brag a little, my year-end reading list would be incredibly long. I have no idea how many books I read in 2016, but my goal for 2017 is two hundred books (I’m working on another article fleshing out that goal a little bit). If I were to go back over 2016, I wouldn’t be too surprised to discover that I surpassed my 2017 goal in 2016. Even if I fell short of two hundred books by, say, fifty, an article listing the books with a short blurb about each would be well over 15,000 words[1]. At that point, I may as well write my own book.

In order to participate and still keep the articles a manageable length, I’ve decided to write month-end reading lists throughout 2017. Sadly, my reading list in January puts me behind the eight-ball when it comes to my reading goal for 2017. Thankfully, it’s the first month of the year, so I have plenty of time to catch up[2]. One note – I’m including books that I finished reading during the month. Three of the books on this list were begun in December. It will all work out because when December 2017 ends, there will undoubtedly be three or four books that I will be reading but will not finish until 2018. For example, I am currently reading four books that I started in January that will not show up until the February list.

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In Praise of 2016

2016-2017by John Ellis

2016 is almost over. Based on the memes, social media comments, and blog posts, many, if not most, are cheering the arrival of this year’s final gasps. The cheering, of course, isn’t a celebration of 2016; it’s a lament. For some, 2016 has taken on a villainous anthropomorphism. To that end, 2016’s “death” is being celebrated. As the clock strikes midnight, signaling the birth of 2017, people will hoist their champagne glasses and dance on the grave of 2016.

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