Why I Believe in Limited Atonement


by John Ellis

If Christ has died for you, you can never be lost. God will not punish twice for one thing. If God punished Christ for your sins, He will not punish you. Payment God’s justice cannot twice demand; first at the bleeding Saviour’s hand, and the again at mine. How can God be just if He punished Christ, the substitute, and then man himself afterwards?Charles Spurgeon

After discovering that some of us were vegetarians, a young actress at the cast party excitedly announced, “I’m a vegetarian, too!”

We looked at each other, puzzled. The grilled chicken heading into her mouth seemed to directly contradict the words leaving her mouth. She didn’t see it that way, however.

“Oh, I’m a vegetarian that eats chicken,” she cheerily responded as others pushed back on her claim.

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