Make Finding a Church a Priority When Moving


by John Ellis

Moving to a new city and/or state is often stressful, yet it also brings the excitement of newness and adventure. Whatever excitement exists, though, is quickly overshadowed by the mountain of stuff to get done. With all the whirling parts involved in changing residences, moving is basically a full-time job. While packing and planning for the move, checking off items on the to-do list frequently reveals that the to-do list is incomplete; the list seemingly never gets shorter, only longer. More boxes are needed, forgotten closets that are crammed full of stuff are discovered, yard sales and utilities and doctors and schools and the DMV and changing your address and on-and-on-and-on, and no matter how organized and prepared you are, it will inevitably be revealed that you forgot something.

Sadly, one thing that many Christians fail to account for when moving from one area to another is church. The thought process is frequently that a new church can be found upon arrival. That is a mistake – possibly a tragic mistake.

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