Christian Liberty: Christians and the Use of Recreational Marijuana


by John Ellis

Does the recreational use of marijuana fall under Christian liberty?

That’s a question that’s being asked with increased frequency, and a question that will most likely cease to be abstract for churches in the near future. Jeff Sessions isn’t going to be Attorney General forever. Once he’s gone, the winds appear to be blowin’ strongly in the direction of the federal government’s legalization of the recreational use of marijuana. At that point, the above question will no longer be able to be placed under the interpretive authority of Romans 13:1.

So, what is the answer to the above question if and when the government’s prohibition of the recreational use of marijuana is lifted?

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Abstaining From Alcohol: My Teetotaling Month

alcohol-abuse1by John Ellis

Roughly eight months before the Holy Spirit broke my will and gave me the gift of repentance and saving faith in Jesus, I stood on a downtown street at 2:00 in the morning, attempting to break the side window of a car. The girl I was seeing at the time, was sprawled out on the hood screaming obscenities at our friend inside the car who was laughing hysterically. We were all drunk. I wasn’t so drunk as to not realize that it was a terrible idea for my friend to drive, hence my attempts to break the window. Thankfully, the event ended without any further excitement. But by the end of it all, I was done; fed up with my friends and my lifestyle.

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