Christian Apologetics: What’s the Point?

apologeticsby John Ellis

Last week, the news that Jesus’ burial place had been “discovered” began popping up all over my social media newsfeeds[1]. At first, I ignored the shared articles and the accompanying declamations of “Praise, God! The Bible is true!” because I tend to be skeptical of the validity, much less the use, of “major archeological finds that prove the Bible to be true.” But then The Gospel Coalition posted an article defending the claim.

Since TGC is an organization that I have great respect for and an organization that the Holy Spirit has used to bless me, I read Justin Taylor’s article. The article’s arguments make sense and are far afield from the sensationalism that is often the Achille’s heel of American Evangelicalism. Don’t misunderstand, I still have questions and some doubts. Regardless, I found the TGC article compelling and forwarded it to several friends.

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