I HATE Authority!


by John Ellis

Two years into our marriage, my wife and I sold almost all of our furniture, reserved a moving van for our remaining possessions, and announced to the Elders of our church that we were moving to California. The Elders informed us that we were making a mistake. That, of course, ticked me off. We spent many hours attempting to rationalize to them why it was “God’s will” for us to move. They spent many hours praying for us and attempting to show us that it was a bad idea for a young married couple with a toddler and no job prospects waiting in California to pick up and move over two thousand miles away from our church and support network. They also counseled me that as new Christian, and less than a year removed from a crisis of faith as I was confronted with God’s sovereignty while watching my mom die, that it was probably best for us to stay where God had us so that I could continue to be discipled by those who knew and loved me. The ins-and-outs of this anecdote probably deserve a several thousand word post in order to be adequately unpacked. Suffice to say, after a month of being confronted about my pride, foolishness, and general stupidity, the Holy Spirit, through the patience and wisdom of our church leaders, protected me and my family and opened my eyes to the wisdom of our Elders. We stayed in Greenville, SC.

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