Marriage Isn’t About Children, Because Marriage Isn’t About Us


by John Ellis

What is marriage? Ask that question of people passing by on the street, and the number of different answers will most likely match the number of people asked. Frankly, the lack of a clear definition of marriage within our culture is a major reason why LGBTQ activists are so successful at redefining it. Since there is no single authoritative definition, all definitions become equally valid. That’s not to say that many conservatives aren’t pushing back and attempting to use definitions to set boundaries. No doubt, the conservatives in the hypothetical street-poll above would all include “between a man and a woman” in their definition. While that’s not wrong, it’s incomplete.

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Read the Bible the Same Way You Read ‘The Lord of the Rings’


by John Ellis

I’ve written in too many articles to remember that all stories either reflect God’s true Story or rebel against it. It’s also my belief that too many Christians are too unaware of the forest of God’s Story to be able to adequately interact with the trees much less the bark. By that, I mean that many Bible studies are filled with well-intended Believers drilling into the smaller parts before immersing themselves into the whole.

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Can We Trust the New Testament Canon?


by John Ellis

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to write a brief post defending the trustworthiness of the New Testament Canon. Attacking the veracity of Scriptures is one of the more common attacks by men like Bart Ehrman. Standing on the shoulders of Walter Bauer, Ehrman has turned attacking the Bible into an art form. Unlike Bauer, Ehrman has unlocked the secret of landing books on the coveted NYT’s Bestseller List. This means that many of our family members, neighbors, and co-workers have been poisoned by Ehrman’s false teaching. Robust apologetics for the trustworthiness of the Bible are needed.

Having recently come across the blog of Orlando-area pastor Jim Davis, I was pleased to read one of his more recent posts titled, “Christmas and the New Testament Canon: Answering Some Hard Questions.” The post is a succinct and well-written rebuttal of some of the more common arguments from the likes of Ehrman. I encourage you to click the link below. Reading Davis’ post will not only be edifying and faith-building in your own heart, it will provide you some extra tools to use when sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are skeptical of the Bible’s trustworthiness.

Christmas And The New Testament Canon: How We Can Address Some Hard Questions

Thou Shalt Not Pirate Movies Nor Music


by John Ellis

My six-year old heathen heart knew two things: I wanted some candy and an entire wall of candy was spread out before me. So, I took some candy, opened it, and began satisfying the lust of my little, heathen heart.

Later, as we piled into the station wagon, my mom knew two things, too: I hadn’t entered the store with any candy and she hadn’t purchased any for me while we were in the store. So, she marched me back into the store, and under her flashing, stern eyes I admitted to the manager what I had done.

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Review: ‘Authorized: The Use & Misuse of the King James Bible’

authorized 2by John Ellis

Mark Ward is nothing if not gracious, a helpful trait considering he dared write a book about the King James Bible. Thankfully, for the readers of Authorized: The Use & Misuse of the King James Bible, Ward has other positive traits beyond just his graciousness. He’s a gifted writer and a thoughtful scholar, skills that come to considerable bear on his book. More importantly, Mark Ward has the desire to see a love for God’s Word grow in his brothers and sisters in Christ. That desire is evident as he graciously plunges into the debate and argues that the KJV is too difficult for most modern readers. Sadly, I’m afraid that his graciousness is going to be obscured in the minds of those most in need of this book by his promotion of translations missing the familiar “KJV” on their spine.

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We Are All Atheists


by John Ellis

“Even the Bible says that there isn’t a God,” my roommate smugly blustered.

The girl he was arguing with was incredulous, but as she pushed back it became obvious that a lack of confidence in her own position was growing. My roommate picked up on that, and went in for the dialectical kill, proud that he was about to convert another soul to atheism.

“It’s in one of the Psalms,” he shrugged. “I’m not making it up. The Bible says that there is no God.”

Gesturing towards me, he added, “Ask him.”

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Weekend Reading: 10/13


by John Ellis

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long week for me. Make that a long two weeks. Too many trips to the E.R. Too many days with disrupted schedules. Too many professional frustrations. And not enough time to read. Today, Saturday, I’m looking forward to a day filled with mostly reading (and writing).  If that’s you, whether you’ve had a long week or not, below are some links to help fill out your reading schedule for this weekend.

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