Weekend Reading: 9/22


by John Ellis

The weekend has already descended, but that doesn’t mean that at some point over the next day and a half you won’t be longing for something interesting to read. And that’s the purpose of this post. Over the last week, I’ve compiled some of the most interesting and/or edifying posts and articles that I’ve read. Not all of them were published this past week, but I was first introduced to them this past week. Hopefully, you’ll be introduced to an article or two that you find interesting.

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Tonio K: Not Your Daddy’s CCM

Tonio-K-Romeo-Unchainedby John Ellis

In 1986, as an eleven year old boy reading the books describing the evils of rock and roll that lined my fundamentalist preacher father’s bookshelf[1], I was also, and secretly, listening to Peter Cetera’s “Glory of Love,” among other mid-80’s “soft-rock” staples. Those books served as my pre-internet Google – introducing me to contraband music that I may not have heard about otherwise; that’s how I discovered Black Sabbath, the band with the frontman that best exemplified, according to my dad’s books, the evils of rock and roll.

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