A Godless Fundamentalist: Chapter Three – Sex and Rock & Roll at the Christian School

church building

by John Ellis

(Intro, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2)

There are occasional moments when I wish that my kids could have the schooling experience that I did. My fifteen years within the Christian school movement (K-4, K-5, and a second time through fourth grade plus the normal 12 years equals 15, for those that were wondering) were, for the most part, fun and contained a sense of community that, at times, I think my kids who attend public school are missing.

But then I remember that the community often ran at odds with the local church and that my fun was mostly an outworking of my rebellion within a strict environment that attempted to control my behavior, with comically futile efforts much of the time. Related, and maybe most importantly, I remember that for me and most of my classmates, two diametrically opposed worlds existed within our Christian school and youth groups. Many of us lived two parallel lives – a life of convenience and a secret life of conviction. Our life of convenience was necessary to maintain our secret life of conviction.

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