The Importance of Agreeing to Disagree Within the Life of a Church


by John Ellis

The comedian Bill Burr frequently points out that people should be allowed to disagree with each other. He will then add the lament, “That seems to be going away.”

With both statements, Burr is correct, of course. His initial assertion that we should be able to agree to disagree should be obvious. Sadly, it’s not, which is the reason for the comedian’s lament. At times, it seems like we can actually see the growing divisions within our society happening in real time. Tragically, many churches give testimony to the fact that they jettisoned the ability to agree to disagree generations ago.

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A Case for Church Membership as Biblically Required


by John Ellis

The topic of church membership can be quite contentious. Eschewing organized religion, some professing Christians believe that churches are unnecessary at best and promote hypocrisy and division at worst. Others accept the need for churches but deny that church membership is Biblical. For them, church membership is an extra-Biblical requirement taught by those more concerned about power than about unity and love. “After all,” they protest, “I don’t need to be a member of a church to know that I am a child of God.”

For many Christians, though, church membership is simply white noise; something they dutifully do because it’s what is done. But they do so without giving much thought as to why.

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The Church Family: Living Life Together

church familyby John Ellis

Two years ago, God directed our family to move to the DC area. We had known for almost a year that a move was likely, and throughout that year we prayerfully researched churches in the DC area. Early on, the Holy Spirit directed us to a church in Arlington. Alongside of church Elders and friends, we pored over Arlington Baptist Church’s[1] statement of faith, covenant, and constitution and listened to the pastor’s sermons, all available on the church’s website. More importantly, we asked our Elders and friends in Greenville, SC to enter into prayer with us. By the time we stepped foot into Arlington Baptist Church for the first time on August 25, 2013, we had already prayerfully committed to covenanting in membership with a body of believers that we had never met before. In God’s sovereignty, that commitment protected us from ourselves and our sin.

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