Conservative Evangelicals and Fundamentalists Should Embrace Our Unity in Christ


by John Ellis

The senior pastor at the church I serve at likes to good-naturedly tease me that I’m the resident fundamentalist at our conservative evangelical church. While joking, he is not incorrect. However, I would add that he, too, is a fundamentalist. In fact, I would count the majority of my brothers and sisters in Christ at our church as fundamentalists. Many of them may not like the term, but it’s true nonetheless[1]. Our reformed, Southern Baptist, IX Marks affiliated, conservative evangelical church is filled with fundamentalists for the glory of God. We may not believe that going to the movie theatre is sinful, nor do we believe that rock music is necessarily out of bounds for Christians, but that doesn’t make the label of fundamentalists less valid for us. And our church may have a pastor with long hair (me, if that’s not clear), but, make no mistake, we are fundamentalists.

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