An Update on the Book Deal for ‘A Godless Fundamentalist’

type setting

by John Ellis

Most actors hate auditions. All actors hate the interim time period between the audition and finding out the result of the audition. I was no different.

During the days after an audition, working as an actor before the prevalence of emails, I was always worried that I wouldn’t hear the phone ring and, so, I would compulsively make sure that nothing was too loud in my apartment. Never mind that nothing in my history with phones presented any evidence that there was even the slightest danger that I wouldn’t hear the phone ring.

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Praying the Bible Back to God

praybible-192x300-14859_192x200by John Ellis

An anemic prayer life is a confession that I frequently hear from brothers and sisters in Christ. In fact, it’s a confession that has sadly characterized much of my eleven years in the faith. Rarely do I ever hear anyone praise God for their rich prayer life. Likewise, I have rarely given praise for my prayer life. Sadly, the confessions and experience of those around me are not unique among American evangelicals.

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The Biggest Story by Kevin DeYoung

the biggest storyby John Ellis

No matter how hard I tried during my twenties, I was unable to escape Jesus. During the Holy Spirit’s gracious pursuit of me, one of the primary means God used was the many Bible stories that my mom had drilled into my head when I was a child. My mom loved stories, and she loved Jesus even more. She also loved her thoroughgoing little pagan of a son, and she patiently, lovingly, and persistently told me about Jesus, using a variety of mediums. At the time, outside of the fact that I found many of the stories interesting, I thought that the only benefit was that I was money at Sunday school Bible quiz time.

By the time I had reached my twenties, I believed that I had left those Bible stories behind and had replaced them with the freedom found in pursuing the desires of my flesh. God, thankfully, had other plans. Even getting high didn’t stop the flood of Bible stories from playing through my mind as I desperately sought to escape God. And ever since I bowed my knee to King Jesus in God given faith and repentance, I’ve been eternally grateful for a Christian mother who believed that it was important for her children to learn about Jesus.

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