Going Back to Greenville


greenvilleby John Ellis

Three years ago this past August, Danita, the kids, and I woke up early one morning and headed north to our new home in Arlington, VA. After eight years in Greenville, SC, we knew that it would be hard leaving friends we loved and a place that had become home. More than anything, we knew that leaving our church family would be painful.

The Sunday before we left, I stood up in our church’s morning prayer service and delivered a tearful goodbye. After briefly recounting some of the ways in which the Holy Spirit had used Emmanuel Bible Church to teach us about God the Father and to grow our faith, I asked for prayer. Specifically, I asked the church to pray for the Holy Spirit to knit our hearts to our new church family as we were sure to be lonely and homesick. At the time, I had no idea how prescience my prayer request was.

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What I Learned On Super Tuesday

super tuesday

by John Ellis

Throughout history, there have been flash-point moments that have altered the trajectory of society. At the risk of sensationalism, the United States of America may be on the front end of such a moment. Two-hundred plus years ago, the political and societal experiment was launched that resulted in this country. Regardless of an individual’s opinion about the founders of this country, it is difficult to deny their genius. The men and women who founded this country[1]were incredible thinkers and exhibited a profound courage as they risked their lives for concepts and theories that no one could know for sure would even work. While their grand experiment ultimately proved fruitful and a blessing to the entire world, the results of Super Tuesday may signal that their experiment is winding down. Or, hopefully, the results of Super Tuesday may signal a coming correction within an out of balance political game, and that grand experiment may take a positive step forward.

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#NeverTrump – 5 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Vote for Trump


by John Ellis

As disturbing as this thought is, conservative Christians need to be prepared for the moral dilemma that will come if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. For the record, I don’t yet believe that Trump is going to win the nomination. Pretty much all of my DC insider friends assure me that he won’t; I’m told that the Republican Party already has a plan in place to ensure that Trump doesn’t secure the nomination. However, while I trust my sources (pretty much everything else that they said was going to happen during this election has happened), my brow is beginning to furrow with incredulity at their assertions. This is why I’ve already decided how I’m going to vote in the horrifying eventuality that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

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Benjamin Watson: Ferguson, Faith, and Race Relations

benjamin-watsons-book-under-our-skinOn the night of the Ferguson decision, NFL player Benjamin Watson wrote a long Facebook post giving voice to many of his frustrations, fears, and hope as an African-American. That Facebook post was so widely read and shared, that Watson was asked to write a book. He did. And it’s a book about race relations that I believe conservatives and Republicans should read. I read it; was blessed by it; was admonished by it; and wrote a review of it.



The Identity Politics of Christianity


by John Ellis

Conflating politics and faith is detrimental to our ability to spread the gospel. In my first article for PJ Media, I flesh that statement out. Please read the article linked below, and if you find it encouraging and/or helpful, please consider sharing it on your social media accounts.