Central Florida: A Review

downtown orlando

by John Ellis

My family and I have lived in Central Florida for a little over 2 months, so, of course, it’s time for a review. A review filled with hot-takes, because a hot-take-less review is no fun.

Florida is essentially 3 states: Northern Florida, including the Panhandle where I grew up. Central Florida, where my family now resides after spending 6 years in the D.C. area (referred to as the DMV for District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia). South Florida, a magical place where I want to move although I realize deep inside of me that I don’t really want to live there.

An argument can be made that the state is really 4 states, with the Florida Keys being the fourth. However, I view the Keys as the real Florida that the other 3 sections strive to be but fall short of.

Even though I recognize that the Keys are superior to the rest of the state, having grown up in Florida, I love all of it and am happy to be home. That being said, every section has its strengths and weaknesses. There are things about Central Florida that I like and dislike. There is also some overlap between this area and the part of Florida I grew up in. The overall personality is the same. The smell is the same (except for those times as a kid when the wind was blowing the wrong way out of Cantonment). The seafood is just as delicious and plentiful. It’s all Florida, but I’m currently sitting in the middle of the state. So, below are some of my likes and dislikes about the region after 2 months as a resident of the Orlando area.

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