President George W. Bush and the First Pitch After 9/11


by John Ellis

I love baseball. Always have. As a kid, I love watching, playing, and dreaming about baseball. As an adult, I love being able to take my daughter and son to Nationals Park to watch our hometown team play. Even though I’m a Cubs fan, I do what I can to help foster my children’s love of the Nationals. My wife and I sport Nats gear at the games and we cheer loudly along with our children (let me tell you, it’s hard to beat the excitement of a watching a grand slam in an MLB game). Very few things that we do together as a family are as much fun as watching the Washington Nationals play baseball.

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A Liberal Wishes that George W. Bush Would Rot in Hell

There are time when I merely roll my eyes at the hateful intolerance of liberals. There are other times, however, when I feel compelled to write a response. You can read my response to a current regurgitation of vile and spite by clicking the link below.