In Donald Trump We Trust (And He’s Going to Rain Vengeance Down on Your Liberal Head!)

Donald Trump

by John Ellis

When Bill Clinton was elected President in 1992, I learned that many Christians don’t always believe what they say they believe. After the election, many of my authority figures taught me that the pursuit of holiness and the spread of the gospel is applicable only part of the time. Tossing aside any pretense of being concerned for the souls of Democrats, I heard teachers at my Christian school utter damnations on anyone who voted for the reviled Bill Clinton. While telling us to respect authority out of one side of their mouths, adults spewed venom and hatred towards the new President out of the other side of their mouths.

As my friends and I feigned indignation at the naked hypocrisy of many of our teachers, parents, and assorted authority figures as they ridiculed, disrespected, and openly wished harm on our newly elected President and his supporters, I was secretly happy. For me, as someone who wanted to discard any constraints that prevented me from doing whatever my hedonistic heart desired, the reactions to Bill Clinton’s election was a world-view goldmine.

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Christmas Is Almost Here!

This has been a really long week. Yesterday, while reading Luke, my heart was encouraged by the news of our Savior’ birth and by the thought that he’s coming back. I then wrote the article linked to below. I pray that my article will encourage you after this long week.

Christians Should Be Promoting Jesus, Not Donald Trump

the-gospelby John Ellis

I praise God that in His kind mercies, the Holy Spirit has placed me in a church that teaches me to look to Jesus as my only sustainer and hope. Through both word and deed, the Elders of our church, as well as many of my church family, are a gentle rebuke whenever I begin to turn my eyes from Jesus and begin to look for other aid and comfort as the storms of this broken world swirl around me.

With my whole heart, I also praise God that He has made His salvation known to me. Over the last decade, especially, God has caused the enemy of my sin to turn back and to stumble and perish before His presence[1]. I have much to praise Him for, and those moments when I forget that “the Lord sits enthroned forever; he has established his throne for justice, and he judges the world with righteousness; he judges the people with uprightness”[2] the Holy Spirit redirects my heart’s desires back to God.

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Why I Am Vocally #NeverTrump


by John Ellis

Late summer of 2015, I asked some political insider friends if I should be concerned about Donald Trump. They replied, “no.” As we now know, they were wrong[1]. Since then, obliterating any semblance of decency and decorum in politics, Donald Trump has ridden the wave of alt-right anger to become the GOP nominee[2].

During that time, I have written seventeen #NeverTrump articles, including this one. My first #NeverTrump article was published on January 23. Over these last ten months, I have been encouraged by some, implored to write even more #NeverTrump articles by a few, and applauded by friends and strangers alike. On the flipside, I have also been roundly booed, called a traitor (and worse), and received death threats. Many, on both sides of the debate, have wondered why I am so vocally #NeverTrump. Friends (and strangers) have scolded me for being so vocal. Often, the scolding will take the form of something like, “We get it, John. You don’t like Trump, but you’re not helping anyone by constantly writing about it.”

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Owing to my many #NeverTrump blog posts and articles, I’m frequently accused of being in the bag for Hillary Clinton. Which is frustrating for two reasons: 1. I’ve specifically stated, multiple time, that I’m #NeverHillary, too. 2. If the totality of my writing output is taken into consideration, believing that I support Hillary Clinton requires a gigantic leap to nowhere.

To help with people’s confusion about my support of Hillary Clinton, I’ve written this for my day job:

What I Learned On Super Tuesday

super tuesday

by John Ellis

Throughout history, there have been flash-point moments that have altered the trajectory of society. At the risk of sensationalism, the United States of America may be on the front end of such a moment. Two-hundred plus years ago, the political and societal experiment was launched that resulted in this country. Regardless of an individual’s opinion about the founders of this country, it is difficult to deny their genius. The men and women who founded this country[1]were incredible thinkers and exhibited a profound courage as they risked their lives for concepts and theories that no one could know for sure would even work. While their grand experiment ultimately proved fruitful and a blessing to the entire world, the results of Super Tuesday may signal that their experiment is winding down. Or, hopefully, the results of Super Tuesday may signal a coming correction within an out of balance political game, and that grand experiment may take a positive step forward.

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#NeverTrump – 5 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Vote for Trump


by John Ellis

As disturbing as this thought is, conservative Christians need to be prepared for the moral dilemma that will come if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination. For the record, I don’t yet believe that Trump is going to win the nomination. Pretty much all of my DC insider friends assure me that he won’t; I’m told that the Republican Party already has a plan in place to ensure that Trump doesn’t secure the nomination. However, while I trust my sources (pretty much everything else that they said was going to happen during this election has happened), my brow is beginning to furrow with incredulity at their assertions. This is why I’ve already decided how I’m going to vote in the horrifying eventuality that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee.

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