Husbands, Be a Man by Being a Servant


by John Ellis

As I write this, my wife is out of town at our church’s women’s retreat. So, as I often do, I took the kids out to eat last night. And, like they often do, they left me with no one to talk to while there. My daughter was engrossed in a book; my son stared at the muted TV screen tuned to ESPN hanging just behind my head, showing little interest in the questions I directed his way. With nothing else to do, I people-watched as I ate.

One couple sitting at a high-top near us caught my attention. At first, I assumed they were on a date the way they were interacting. It didn’t take long, though, for me to notice that the man had a wedding ring and the woman did not.

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Holiness Should Not be Self-Serving: The Purity Culture’s Sins

purity culture

The Purity Culture is not monolithic. There were/are faithful Christians within the purity movement/culture that genuinely want(ed) to help train youth to pursue godliness. However, good intentions do not excuse poor teaching, much less excuse outright sinful teaching. On the flip-side, whatever missteps or even sins that were committed within the movement does not excuse any person’s rebellion against God. One day, upon the return of King Jesus, no one will be able to say, “It’s not my fault that I didn’t repent of my sins and place my faith in Jesus. It’s the purity culture’s fault.” 

by John Ellis

Without any trace of shame, my friend turned on his barstool, looked me in the eyes and said, “I regret not having had sex before I got married. I only know what it’s like to have sex with one woman and feel like I’m missing out.”

In the aftermath of his confession, as I attempted to explain what was wrong with his thought process, I could tell he wasn’t listening. Not that it would’ve made a difference if he had heard me. His almost total worship of the god of Sex had consumed him, and his liturgy of lust was unassailable.

A couple of years later, an affair brought his marriage to an end.

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Why Sex Outside of Marriage Is a Sin



by John Ellis

Rebecca was alternately excited and mystified by the beautiful alabaster box her missionary grandmother had sent for her 17th birthday. Written in her grandmother’s familiar, shaky hand, the accompanying note added to the mystery, “Remember, dear, this can only ever be opened once.”

Gently placing the alabaster box on her bed side table, Rebecca puzzled over the meaning of her grandmother’s note while admiring the delicate beauty and intricate patterns of the alabaster box. Assuming it contained a precious perfume or spice, Rebecca determined to preserve the alabaster box intact for a special day.

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Weekend Reading: 5/27


by John Ellis

I freely and happily admit that I have cribbed this idea from many other writers and bloggers. So be it. A good idea is a good idea, right? There is so much content vying for our attention on the internet, it’s often hard to find the diamond in the rough, so to speak. Although, there are plenty of diamonds hidden throughout the interwebs. That fact means that aggregate sites are useful, and websites and blogs that devote articles and posts to serving as an aggregate for interesting and/or useful content are likewise useful. While I have next to zero desire for this blog to become an aggregate site, or even provide daily posts that offer some help to my friends and readers uncovering some diamonds that they may have missed, a weekly post seems fun for me and possibly profitable for others.

Below, are several of the more interesting articles and blog posts that I read over the last week. Enjoy.

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