Wonder Woman as a Proverbs 31 Woman?


by John Ellis

I have yet to watch the new Wonder Woman movie. Not because I’m opposed to a movie about Wonder Woman, nor am I necessarily opposed to this current iteration of the DC heroine. I just don’t watch many movies. However, the amount of noise and cultural tug-of-war surrounding Wonder Woman makes me occasionally wonder if I should carve out some time to watch the Gal Gadot vehicle.

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Christians and Nudity in Movies


by John Ellis

This is an older article. Well, older in the sense that I wrote it at the end of this past December. In a paragraph of two (or more), I’ll explain why it’s taking me so long to share it with my blog readers and Facebook followers. The reason why I’m sharing it now is because I believed and still believe that this is an important topic that many Christians either willfully ignore in order to justify watching their favorite TV shows and/or movies, or they interact with the topic dishonestly for the same reason. That’s a seemingly harsh and judgmental thing for me to say, I know that; and it ties into why I’ve waited to share it, which I’ll get to in a moment (how’s that for a tease?).

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My Family’s Decision About Beauty and the Beast


by John Ellis

I have learned that if you express your opinion/belief in writing, some will take it as if you’re dictating it as law for everyone else. Which is to be expected, I guess. Unfortunately expected, I should say.

Writers have to learn to say what they’re going to say and then be willing to let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes, writers do a poor job of communicating their ideas, and, hence, much of the blame for whatever poor responses ensue can be placed on their pen. Other times, readers will enter a piece with an agenda; the writer’s arguments are almost irrelevant to the readers’ thought processes and responses. Most of the time, though, writers need to be aware of the limitations of their chosen medium. It’s not possible to say everything, especially in online writing, and writers need to pick a thesis and pursue that thesis. That means, of course, that certain nuances may very well be left behind. Hopefully, the reader, especially if the reader has been following the writer, can fill in some of the gaps left by the lack of a specific nuance.

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The Gospel Coalition Claims that the Oscars Should Matter to Christians


by John Ellis

Depending on when you read this, tomorrow night is Hollywood’s Prom Night. A-listers parade in front of the cameras wearing enough monies worth of clothes and jewels to feed an entire small country. They then take their seats inside the plush theatre, and settle in to be celebrated by none other than themselves. B-listers and the movie production crews sit in the back of the Dolby Theatre, hoping that cameras will deign to pan across their row; screen time at the Oscars is worth money, after all. Just because you’re invited to the prom doesn’t mean you get to dance.

Hollywood’s evening of self-congratulation is a reminder that their world is small, privileged, and requires an invitation to enter. As referenced above, not all those invited are allowed to fully participate, though. The Oscars also demonstrate that homogeneity exists in a sub-culture that is supposedly diverse (and I’m not talking about the lack of or manufactured frequency of non-white nominees and/or winners). Like a high school prom in an 80s movie, the Oscars allows the cool kids to flaunt their coolness in the face of the wallflowers, much less in the the faces of those glued to the TV screen.

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The Best Christmas Movies of All Time

Originally, I pitched the article linked below as “the worst Christmas movies of all time.” But, my editor informed me that far more people search for the “best Christmas movies” than they do the “worst Christmas movies.” I guess that’s reassuring, from a human standpoint. Regardless, I had fun compiling and writing this list as I revisited Christmas movie classics.


5 Bad Movies That I “Secretly” Love

Occasionally, I like to take a break from writing serious articles that prompt handwringing and consternation. During those times, I like to write silly, fun (hopefully) articles that prompt handwringing and consternation. Below is my latest silly and fun (hopefully) article for PJ Media.