My Family’s Decision About Beauty and the Beast


by John Ellis

I have learned that if you express your opinion/belief in writing, some will take it as if you’re dictating it as law for everyone else. Which is to be expected, I guess. Unfortunately expected, I should say.

Writers have to learn to say what they’re going to say and then be willing to let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes, writers do a poor job of communicating their ideas, and, hence, much of the blame for whatever poor responses ensue can be placed on their pen. Other times, readers will enter a piece with an agenda; the writer’s arguments are almost irrelevant to the readers’ thought processes and responses. Most of the time, though, writers need to be aware of the limitations of their chosen medium. It’s not possible to say everything, especially in online writing, and writers need to pick a thesis and pursue that thesis. That means, of course, that certain nuances may very well be left behind. Hopefully, the reader, especially if the reader has been following the writer, can fill in some of the gaps left by the lack of a specific nuance.

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In Defense of VidAngel

Shortly before writing the article for PJ Media linked to below, I was opposed to VidAngel. My friend Joffre the Giant published a YouTube video that changed my mind.