Progressive Christians, Planned Parenthood, and the Murder of Babies

Of course it's a baby' because IT'S A BABY!
Of course it’s a baby, because IT’S A BABY!

by John Ellis

I find no humor in the murder of babies. I mean, when it comes to things like gay marriage or identity politics, I find value and a small amount of personal pleasure in steering into the comedic skid – á la Elijah mocking the prophets of Baal by co-opting their rhetoric. Baby murdering, on the other hand, inhabits a level of abhorrency that makes it baffling and overwhelmingly unfunny as to why anyone who claims to be a Christian supports it, even if only wishy-washily. This is why I rarely comment online about baby murdering , either on this blog or on my social media accounts; I’m not sure if my “writer’s voice” is a good match for my feelings of utter revulsion when I hear or read the code word for baby murder – abortion.

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