Liberating the Arts from the Government

by John Ellis

I recently wrote an article explaining why I believe that the NEA should be defunded. This evening, my friend Joffre the Giant recorded a video advocating for the liberation of the arts from the government (among other things). Good stuff. I encourage you to watch it.


National Endowment for the Arts: Adding Insult (bad art) to Injury (stealing from taxpayers)


by John Ellis

After announcing the topic of this article, a friend tweeted me, “Winning friends and influencing people!” His tweet recognizes that this is a topic that many, if not the vast majority of artists do not want to consider. I get that. When your rent payment is dependent on subsidies from taxpayers, you don’t want to even think about┬ámessing with the source of much of your income.┬áBut a group of people no wanting to consider┬ásomething doesn’t mean that the thing shouldn’t be considered.

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