White Nationalism, Gun Violence, and Donald Trump’s Complicity

good samaritan

by John Ellis

In January 2016, the pastor of a small Baptist church in Alabama made national news after he sent a letter rife with racism and anti-immigrant sentiments to the editor of the The Alabama Baptist. The letter (which can be read in full here) contains a barrage of hateful rhetoric and proudly and demonically crows the unbiblical claim that, “It is not a matter of loving your neighbor. My neighbors are the people that value the same standards of life and way of life that I value.”

As a “Baptist pastor,” Ted Sessoms should be very familiar with Jesus’ Parable of the Good Samaritan. Apparently, though, he’s not.

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Christians Need to Repudiate Racism and Call Racists to Repentance


by John Ellis

Whenever I write an article for PJ Media about the horrific racism that characterizes the alt-right movement, I get cussed out, called a liberal purveyor of fake news, and told that I’m race-baiting, whatever that means, with the occasional death threat tossed in for good measure. While I do not enjoy being baptized with vitriol, I strive to write what I believe to be true, regardless of the possible consequences.[1] Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, I was very vocal in my opposition to Donald Trump. And one of my stated reasons is that I believed (still do, for the record) that President Trump taps into the some of the worst, most sinful, self-serving impulses in our fallen (sinful) bodies and souls.

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Owing to my many #NeverTrump blog posts and articles, I’m frequently accused of being in the bag for Hillary Clinton. Which is frustrating for two reasons: 1. I’ve specifically stated, multiple time, that I’m #NeverHillary, too. 2. If the totality of my writing output is taken into consideration, believing that I support Hillary Clinton requires a gigantic leap to nowhere.

To help with people’s confusion about my support of Hillary Clinton, I’ve written this for my day job: