10 Albums to Take to a Deserted Island

deserted island music

by John Ellis

While claiming to be a beach connoisseur may be a stretch, having grown up in Florida does give my opinions about all things beach related some validity[1] – likewise, if someone grew up in Canada, I’ll defer to their opinions about the best types of snowshoes and maple syrup. In other words, growing up in Florida means that I’m probably better qualified than most to determine which items should be taken along in the event that an individual finds himself or herself exiled to a deserted island.

The concept for this list is fairly self-explanatory – if I were banished, for whatever reason, to a deserted island and I could only take along ten albums, which ten would I choose? But, I did give myself one rule – I’ve limited myself to albums that I currently own; which doesn’t necessarily narrow it down since there are over six hundred albums in my music library. I’m also operating under the assumption that whatever equipment needed to play the albums will be on the island. I mean, it would be a Geneva Convention violating level of torture to show up to the island with ten albums in tow only to find out that there was no way to play them.

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