The Crunchy Con

trader joes

by John Ellis

Several days ago, I bought two bags of organic carrots. While picking up two bags of normal carrots, the Giant grocer[1] advised, “The organic carrots are on sale for ninety-nine cents a bag.” And that’s the story of how I ended up with two bags of organic carrots.

For many, my organic carrots story is a boring story, and a strange way to begin an article. However, for those who hang out with me on at least a semi-regular basis, the revelation that John Ellis bought organic anything is enough to raise at least one eyebrow. John Ellis doesn’t buy organic food. Unless, of course, and speaking for John Ellis, the organic food is on sale and cheaper than the normal food.

I don’t buy organic food for two reasons, one of which I’ve basically already stated: 1. I’m personally opposed to spending more money on something for no good reason. Like many others, I’ve read the research, and I remain highly skeptical of the claims made by organic missionaries that organic food is healthier and/or tastier. However, if you want to exercise your choice as a consumer and buy organic food, I’m happy for you that you have that consumer option. 2. I don’t generally buy organic food because of the religiosity about organic food that exists among many of those who consume organic food.

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