Christians and Judging

judge notby John Ellis

“Judge not, that you be not judged.” Matthew 7:1

If Buzzfeed contacts me, asking for an article titled “Top 5 Bible Verses Misused by Liberals to Prooftext Their Nonsensical Polemics,” Matthew 7:1 will undoubtedly make the list.[1] The phrase “judge not,” from the verse, is misused so often in online discussions that it should have its own Godwin’s Law. For those of you unaware of Godwin’s Law, it states that the longer an online discussion goes on, someone is highly likely to compare another thread participant to Hitler, or Nazis in general. Well, I posit that the longer an online discussion goes on, and one of the participants self-identifies as a conservative Christian, the odds make it worth placing bets on the chance that someone else will trot out “judge not” as a response to the conservative Christian. I want that law to be named Ellis’ Law.

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