Weekend Reading: 9/29


by John Ellis

Below are links to some articles and blog posts that I found interesting and/or edifying over this past week. Hopefully, you’ll find one or two that you find interesting and/or edifying, too.

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The Persecution of Christians in America


by John Ellis

When we apply the word “persecution” to ourselves, Christians in the West are often scoffed at by those on the left. Progressives, including progressive “Christians,” retort that we don’t understand what the word “persecution” means and that we’re simply afraid of losing our privilege. When confronted with that challenge, many Christians are at a loss at how to adequately unpack it. It is true that the vast majority of us do not face what our brothers and sisters in Christ face in Iran, for example. We are not being jailed, beaten, and even killed. However, persecution does not have to rise to the level of martyrdom to be counted as persecution. Overall, the deflection by liberals is a shell-game.

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Senator Ben Sasse Questions Neil Gorsuch

by John Ellis

Senator Ben Sasse is a national treasure. Not only is he witty, charming, and obviously good-natured, he also cares deeply about the Nebraskans who voted him into office, the office itself, and the American people. Senator Sasse is committed to adhering to his oath of office in which he swore to support and defend the US Constitution. To top it all of, Senator Sasse recently live-tweeted one of his kids’ piano recitals. National treasure, indeed.

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Unity Among Political Disagreements


by John Ellis

Unless you live in the DC area, it’s hard to fully comprehend how much politics dominate everyday life around here. Politics aren’t relegated to water-cooler talk, social media discussions, or the occasional argument over a meal; in the DC area, politics encompasses almost all of life. As I’m thinking through the people whom I consider friends, the majority have jobs that are directly connected to politics. If I were to extend that to my acquaintances, that percentage rises. When people in the DC area engage in small talk, it inevitably involves politics.

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Jeff Sessions Is Not a Racist

While watching my good friend William Smith defend Senator Jeff Sessions on multiple interviews across multiple networks, some questions popped into my mind. I implicitly trust William when he says that Jeff Sessions is not a racist. I can’t think of anyone else I’ve know who has more integrity than William. That doesn’t mean that he and I agree on everything (we don’t, and our arguments are fun, informative, and usually make me look silly). But, the charges of racism isn’t an issue of policy; I do not remotely doubt William when he says that Senator Sessions is not a racist. So, when those questions popped into my head, I thought, “Why not get paid to ask my friend these questions?”

My editor approved the article, and William graciously agreed to answer a few questions of PJ Media. Click the link below to read my interview with the first African-American Chief Counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee.




A Liberal Wishes that George W. Bush Would Rot in Hell

There are time when I merely roll my eyes at the hateful intolerance of liberals. There are other times, however, when I feel compelled to write a response. You can read my response to a current regurgitation of vile and spite by clicking the link below.