‘American Gospel: Christ Alone’ Takes on Joel Osteen and the Prosperity Gospel

joel osteen

by John Ellis

When you read the Bible, are you the hero? Do you see yourself as Joshua? As David? As Daniel?

If you answered “yes” to those questions, you should meet Katherine Berger who gently smiles into the camera as she says, “I have so much more happiness now than I ever did before.”

You see, as a wife and mother of two, Katherine is a modern-day Job, suffering immeasurable physical pain from a failing body racked by numerous diseases. And, yet, Katherine, who once prided herself on her physical strength and abilities, now confesses that she loves her current life more than her past life because when she wakes up in the morning, she now realizes that she needs God.

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There Are Wolves Among Us

Jesus commanded us to mark out wolves (false teachers) and to be vigilant in our defense of the truth of his gospel. My latest PJ Media article is my attempt to do so.


Progressive Proof-texting: Rich People and the Eye of a Needle


by John Ellis

The charge of proof-texting is one of the sharpest pejoratives inside Progressive Christianity’s rhetorical toolbox. It’s often used to support the accusation of legalism. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not denying that Progressive Christians have a point; conservative Evangelicals are not immune from the temptation to pull a passage of Scripture out of context in order to support a specific pet issue.

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