White Nationalism, Gun Violence, and Donald Trump’s Complicity

good samaritan

by John Ellis

In January 2016, the pastor of a small Baptist church in Alabama made national news after he sent a letter rife with racism and anti-immigrant sentiments to the editor of the The Alabama Baptist. The letter (which can be read in full here) contains a barrage of hateful rhetoric and proudly and demonically crows the unbiblical claim that, “It is not a matter of loving your neighbor. My neighbors are the people that value the same standards of life and way of life that I value.”

As a “Baptist pastor,” Ted Sessoms should be very familiar with Jesus’ Parable of the Good Samaritan. Apparently, though, he’s not.

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My Summer Reading List

beach reading

by John Ellis

Shortly, Lord willing, my family and I will be enjoying a mini-vacation in the Florida Keys. We are looking forward to swimming with dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center, relaxing on the beautiful, tranquil beaches of the Keys, and enjoying the best seafood that can be found in this country. During our time there, of course, I will take the opportunity to read and read some more. Some of the books I will be devouring while my kids avoid jellyfish and sharks are listed below. Sadly, I won’t be able to read all twelve books listed while lounging on the beach in Key Largo, but I’ll give it my best shot.

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White Privilege and the Gospel’s Response


by John Ellis

I don’t remember where Tan Man’s nickname originated. I may not have ever known, for that matter. I don’t even remember ever hearing his real name.

Tan Man and I weren’t really friends, simply acquaintances thrown together within the revolving door world that happened to be my life fifteen years ago. He was part of the retinue that came with the apartment in which I was a renting a room. An apartment filled with drugs, sex, and hurting, confused, sinful people.

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Comparing the Confederate Flag to Planned Parenthood



by John Ellis

I write a lot of articles. To be frank, I promptly forget many of them. Not this one, though. Below is a link to one of my favorite articles that I’ve written for PJ Media. And that’s all the lead-in/hype that I believe the article needs. Click the link below to read it.


The Coming Real-Life Jurassic Park and Other Stories of Note


by John Ellis

It’s time for another round of links to some of my favorite PJ Media articles. Below are links to eight articles that I’ve written over the last couple of weeks. Some of them have proven more controversial than I anticipated while writing them. However, some of them met my expectations for controversy, especially my article about evolution that has over 600 comments, many of them angry.

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Christians Need to Repudiate Racism and Call Racists to Repentance


by John Ellis

Whenever I write an article for PJ Media about the horrific racism that characterizes the alt-right movement, I get cussed out, called a liberal purveyor of fake news, and told that I’m race-baiting, whatever that means, with the occasional death threat tossed in for good measure. While I do not enjoy being baptized with vitriol, I strive to write what I believe to be true, regardless of the possible consequences.[1] Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, I was very vocal in my opposition to Donald Trump. And one of my stated reasons is that I believed (still do, for the record) that President Trump taps into the some of the worst, most sinful, self-serving impulses in our fallen (sinful) bodies and souls.

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A Social Experiment: The Marriage of Abortion and Racism

jackiehillperryby John Ellis

I praise God for my brothers and sisters in Christ in the reformed rap movement. Their God-given ability to beautifully, winsomely, and poignantly communicate deep truths about God and God’s creation – all of God’s creation – lifts my eyes to the heavens and causes me to praise my Creator and my King for who He is. Their courage to confront the evils of our age that are decimating all communities gives me hope and confronts me with my own cowardice. Their perspective on the ways in which society sinfully marginalizes and oppresses communities not my own, breaks my heart at my own sin of complacency and, at times, active involvement. Through it all, however, by preaching Christ crucified, they continuously point all of us to the reality that the only answer for all oppression and sin is found through faith in Jesus.

This spoken word video from Humble Beast and Desiring God is a moving testament to the value of all life – the life of the mother and the life of the child dependent on the mother.